Python Rainwave Client

This is a Python client library for Rainwave. The source is available at


Install using pip:

pip install python-rainwave-client

Getting Started

Begin by importing the library and instantiating a RainwaveClient object:

>>> from rainwaveclient import RainwaveClient
>>> rw = RainwaveClient()

Obtain your Rainwave User ID and API key from and set them in the RainwaveClient object:

>>> rw.user_id = 5049
>>> rw.key = 'abcde12345'
>>> rw
RainwaveClient(user_id=5049, key='abcde12345')

From the RainwaveClient object you can get a list of channels operating on the network:

>>> rw.channels
[<RainwaveChannel [Game]>, <RainwaveChannel [OCRemix]>, <RainwaveChannel [Covers]>, <RainwaveChannel [Chiptunes]>, <RainwaveChannel [All]>]
>>> ocr = rw.channels[1]
>>> ocr.mp3_stream

See what is currently playing:

>>> ocr.schedule_current.songs[0]
<RainwaveCandidate [OCRemix // Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream // Black Wing Metamorphosis // bLiNd, Fishy, Jillian Aversa, Sixto Sounds, Steffan Andrews, Suzumebachi, tefnek]>

Give the currently playing song a rating and mark it as a favourite:

>>> ocr.schedule_current.songs[0].rating = 4.5
>>> ocr.schedule_current.songs[0].fave = True

See what songs are in the current election:

>>> ocr.schedule_next[0].candidates
[<RainwaveCandidate [OCRemix // Castlevania II: Simon's Quest // Simon's Symphony // Jovette Rivera]>,
 <RainwaveCandidate [OCRemix // Sonic the Hedgehog: The Sound of Speed // Final Progression // Jewbei]>,
 <RainwaveCandidate [OCRemix // Friday the 13th // Panic at Camp Crystal // Ghetto Lee Lewis]>]

Vote for Final Progression:

>>> ocr.schedule_next[0].candidates[1].vote()

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